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Helping Seniors With Pet Care

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Aug 29, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Senior_man_dog.-LR.jpgMany seniors have realized the benefits of pet ownership and would really love to get a pet. Others have a beloved pet that they want to keep as long as possible. However, some seniors might not be able to care for the responsibilities alone. If there is a senior in your life, is it possible for you to help them with pet care? Consider a few ways that might be possible.

  • Offer to ease the financial burden. Food, supplies, and vet visits can add up quickly. Maybe you can pitch in regularly or just occasionally, within your means. You might also be able to find a Pet Meals on Wheels that can deliver free items.
  • See if you can lessen the load physically. If they have a dog, can you walk it on specific days each week or at least when your senior doesn't feel well? They might also need help with grooming, or simply information about a mobile groomer.
  • If your loved one is having a hard time remembering to care for their pet, call them occasionally to see how things are going and to give friendly reminders. There are also several pet care apps and devices.
  • Ask your senior directly what they might need help with. Perhaps it is something you didn't even consider.

Hopefully you will be able to make at least some contribution to your senior acquiring or keeping a pet. If so, they will no doubt be grateful.

At Caring Senior Service we are always ready to help seniors and their families by providing professional advice and services. As you consider ways to give support to your aging parents or relatives, consider including us in your plans. Contact our care team today!

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