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Guide to Home Safety for Elderly: Throw Rugs and Tripping Hazards

Posted by Michael Watson on Jun 16, 2015 5:30:00 PM

SteppingDownStairsWithCane-LROne of the biggest in-home hazards for all adults, but especially the elderly, is tripping and falling. For many of our loved ones, the interior decor ot the home itself can be part of the problem.

For example tile or wood floors are beautiful but can be a fall hazard when wet or if proper footware is not worn. Carpeted floors can help prevent some falls as they are generally less slippery than tile or wood floors. Another piece of decor found in many homes is the throw rug. If not properly tacked down the throw rug creates an additional tripping hazard for elderly adults.

The edge of a throw rug can easily become a tripping hazard, especially for adults who use a walker or a cane. Carpet tape to prevent the rug edges from curling and bubbling can help mitigate the tripping hazard caused by rugs.

Another tripping hazard that may be found in the home of Grandma or Grandpa are toys left out by the grankids. For mosts, nothing is more gratifying than a visit from the grandchildren. Unfortunately, even the best behaved children sometimes leave toys, or small pieces of toys, behind. For older adults, picking up items left on the floor can be difficult or even impossible, but leaving them there can lead to a fall.

One of the best ways to prevent falls from throw rugs, toys and other floor hazards is to invest in a light housekeeping service or bring in a caregiver who can do the light cleaning as well as a host of other things that can help a senior continue to live safe at home.

For helping determining if  a caregiver may be a good solution or for more information on home safety for your seniors, contact us today.

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